Last May

I graduated from college May 2011 and it is now July 2012. This past month has been weird because I’ve been saying “I graduated last May” for over a year… and just recently this became a false statement. I’m still a “recent” graduate, but not as recent as I used to be and it’s getting harder and harder to use that as a security blanket to hide behind when things aren’t going my way.

Friday was my last day at ShowMe, where I’ve worked since March and interned since the winter. I have one week off before I start a new job (I’ll talk more about it later) next Monday.

In the past year I’ve had 4 internships and 3 jobs, two of which were just to make $$. (Lifeguarding, Retail). I applied and was accepted to one Grad school that I’ll start attending part-time in September. I signed one lease for an apartment on the Upper West Side this past Thursday. I’ve met dozens of new people, some important, some not so much. I now actually have a few “connections” I met on my own.

When it comes to my family and friends I feel very comfortable, hardly nothing has changed in that department except I’ve gained a few new friends this year. I’m happy to say I’ve kept in good contact with my college friends and my friends from home too. My family is the same and even after living at home for a year after college they still like me and I still like them, haha.

Sometimes I can get so stressed out about career minded things. Am I working in a place I want to be? What will I do in the future? Am I working efficiently?  Can I please stay in the same place for longer than 4 months?! I’ll compare myself to other people. (you shouldn’t do it- but most people do) Sometimes I just have to take a step back and say- You know what? Things are good. They aren’t perfect but they never will be, and at 22 years old I’d say things are working out OK.



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