Volunteering for NY Creative Interns

Last month I decided I would start volunteering for NY Creative Interns. I found out about the organization right before I landed two internships this January. I went to one mixer and enjoyed myself. I wanted to keep attending the events, but I thought a volunteer position would actually allow me to grow closer to the community and I could offer my time instead of my money to go to the events. I’ve volunteered to blog (surprise, surprise) recaps of events that I attend. So far I’ve gone to two events and gained some writing publicity in the process!

Here I just wanted to share my two posts:

#RecentGradHustle: The Art of Hustle And Making Your Dreams a Reality!
The June 12th Skillshare class Hustle 101: Networking for Recent College Grads was a fun way to learn how to take advantage of opportunities around us by attending interesting events and connecting with awesome new people after graduation. Here are some key take-aways I had from our class on Tuesday.

Become an “Intrepreneur”: How to Make an Impact in Your Workplace 
On Wednesday June 7th at the NY Creative Interns June Mixer, Blair Cobb, AOL’s Senior Director of Cause Marketing, shared her inspiring story of creating great change in an already existing company when she began the Cause Marketing program at AOL in 2010.


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