December 26th

My commute to Woodbury Commons typically takes about 15-20 minutes. The last stretch of the trip varies about 5 minutes due to traffic near the mall. I’d heard today was a busy day for shoppers and that I might want to ask a friend to drive me because it could be difficult to find a parking space. I drove anyway but gave myself 35 extra minutes added on to the typically commute time… I had now added over double the amount of time I typically needed to get to work.

Today that last 5 minute stretch of the trip took me an hour and 10 minutes. I never actually reached the mall, I finally parked off-site and walked to the outdoor outlet center. At first I though this disgusting amount of traffic had to do with Holiday commuters going home. But all the traffic was actually people trying to go shopping at the Commons. Once you got to the Commons you had to sit there for another hour (I heard) just to get a parking spot.

My mind was blown. Here were are, the day after Christmas, and everyone wants to go shopping to pick up sale items. Crazy, crazy, crazy. My words of advice to everyone: If you have December 26th off, stay home and enjoy time with the family for one more day. Please, I beg you… DON’T GO SHOPPING. And if you really need those sales,  just order online.


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