Happy Holidays!

I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Holidays! I will be busy tomorrow and I wanted to say so before Christmas. Regardless of what you celebrate I hope you have a fantastic end of the year filled with kindness and compassion, two things that are supposed to represent the Holidays season.

I have been working at Brighton but I also was just recently offered two different internships that will start at the beginning of January. I am really excited about them and I will talk about them with greater detail in the upcoming weeks. I feel like I’m getting back on track to eventually gaining a career in education/technology field and that feels really good.

A few days ago I exchanged presents with my boy friend who is going to be in CA/FL for the Holidays visiting family. Today I am going to bake cookies with a good friend who has been in Russia for the past 4 months studying abroad. Tomorrow some of my Dad’s side of the family is coming over for Christmas Eve and on New Year’s Eve I’ll be seeing my mom’s side of the family. I really love the holidays. I love decorations and festivities, seeing the family, and giving/receiving presents. I’ll write a post about the new year/2011 next week, so for now I just really wanted to wish everyone a great Christmas, Hanukkah, and just a good weekend in general.


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