Places I like in Jackson Heights

I moved to Jackson Heights in July of 2015 and I lived there for about nine months, until May of this year. It was my first time renting an apartment alone and I chose Jackson Heights because I was able to move into a cute studio apartment that was a decent size and a price I could afford. Jackson Heights has a few perks- the Roosevelt Ave. subway station has access to five different trains, including the express F and E trains. It’s a pretty self sustaining neighborhood- there are grocery stores, restaurants, laundromats, pet stores and even a dog groomer. It’s very diverse. One of the most diverse areas I’ve been to in NYC. Although Roosevelt Ave is rather disgusting and always crazy busy, the neighborhood is safe.

All of that aside, I didn’t particularly enjoy my time in Jackson Heights. But I did want to highlight a few places in the neighborhood that were all very close to my apartment that I really loved. If you are ever in Jackson Heights, you should be sure to stop by one of these places!

  1. Lockwood – 77-13 37th Ave.

    Lockwood is my favorite little gift store. The first one opened in Astoria, but they opened one in Jackson Heights this past fall. Thank goodness. I have bought an unreasonable amount of candles and cards here. They also have a variety of really cute Queens souvenirs. I love this store so much, it is by far my favorite place in Jackson Heights!


  2. Table Wine – 79-14 37th Ave

    An adorable wine store with a friendly staff and nice atmosphere. The wine on the center table is always cheaper than $15.00 per bottle, but delicious just the same.

    Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 6.12.19 PM

  3. Espresso 77 -35-57 77th Street

    This coffee shop recently renovated and now it looks really nice inside. Local artwork is hanging throughout the store. In addition to coffee and tea drinks there is also a selection of beer and wine. If I wanted to grab a drink with a friend in Jackson Heights, this would probably be my go-to location.


  4. Kitchen 79 – 37-70 79th St

    This thai restaurant has good food and a great lunch special. The inside is clean and renovated and the staff is friendly. I lived across the street from this restaurant and it’s the one place in Jackson Heights I would take people to go out to eat.


I didn’t embrace many of the things Jackson Heights is best known for while living there. That includes Columbian food (I admit that I just never tried it), and Indian food, most famously, Jackson Diner (which in my opinion is nothing to write home about.) I was never able to fully embrace Jackson Heights, but I did embrace these few locations listed above. Be sure to check them out if you’re ever in the neighborhood!


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