City Living

I moved into my first NYC apartment on August 4th. A year and one week ago I started my internship at foursquare, so it’s been almost an entire year (minus a break in the late fall) that I’ve been commuting to the city 5 days per week.

This morning I woke up at 5:45am. At 6:00 I looked at the clock and realized I wasn’t going to fall back to sleep. The day was nice so I decided I would go for a run in Central Park. I live two avenues away from the park but I hadn’t visited yet since I moved in. The run was lovely as I ran past a large pond (I’m sure it has an official name), weeping willows, dog owners, and other runners of all ages and sizes. ¬†Running is actually easier in the city than at home where everything is so hilly!

It’s been nice to easily stay after at work to do something with coworkers or go to an event. I never have to drive or worry about train times.

So although I’ve sort of been in the city for over a year, I’m excited to finally be here full time. I’ll build stronger relationships, meet more people, do more things and really making the most of those 3 hours I’m not spending on a train everyday. And my back appreciates it!


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