Some things I’ve been doing and creating.

I believe 2012 is really going to be a big year for me somehow. Things are going to change but at the same time things will fall into place. At the beginning of this year I started two new internships. Now I’ve been at them for almost a month and I wanted to share what I’ve been working on with you.

I currently work 4 days a week at World Wide Workshop. WWW has a program called Globaloria, which is a curriculum and learning network in 4 different states across the country. In the class students build an educational game using Flash Software. Students design the game from start to finish, creating a paper prototype (just ideas for the game on paper) in the fall, and eventually develop a game demo by mid-year and a final playable game by June. The main office is in NYC and the team is very small. I’m enjoying my time and I find this work to be meaningful and interesting. I’m thankful I have many different tasks to do when I come in… I hate doing the same thing everyday. One of the projects that has been assigned to me is maintaining the Globaloria Spotlight blog, which highlights exceptional student work throughout the year.

I also spend a few hours a week at Hot Bread Kitchen, a not for profit bakery in Harlem that aims to help women from low-income backgrounds receive a decent income and gain valuable food service skills. I’m working to bulster their Social Media presence over the course of the next 3 months.  I’ve mainly just been scripting out some interactive/ interesting content for them to post. I’ve been working on this project for less than three weeks and their followers/”likes” have already increase pretty significantly which is really encouraging.  I also created a foursquare page which has over 35 tips at different Greenmarkets and Shops throughout the city. It took a while but I really like how it turned out. I’ll eventually incorporate some tips at cultural locations that fit well with the mission of HBK.

Check out Hot Bread Kitchen on Twitter, Facebook and foursquare

I’ve also been helping the community manager at ShowMe work on some odds and ends since the end of last fall. ShowMe is a great iPad app that allows anyone to create lessons very similar visually to the style of Khan Academy. I don’t have an iPad, but I’m going to start spending a few hours a week working there (a new internship!) with them so maybe I’ll have time to create a lesson or two and post it on here. For some reason I really want to create a compare and contrast lesson on Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm  X. (I created a lesson about that last year with the 8th graders and they enjoyed it.) Until then you can check out a guest post I wrote for their blog here.

So that’s what I’ve been up to. I’ve been so busy I had to quit my retail job. My dad and I have a joke that I work for dozens of places yet I make no income. No worries though, its all about experience and I’ve definitely felt my confidence in myself increase over the past month. I’m getting involved in all my interests; ed tech, community management and social media management. I  suppose that is more valuable than money. 🙂


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