Being A Fan

In my family we love watching Professional Football. My Dad has been a huge Giants fan my whole life and every Sunday in the NFL season he’s by a TV watching the games. The Fox NFL Theme Song actually reminds me of my childhood.

For some reason my brother became a Detroit Lions fan in the past year. The Lions are historically the worst team in the NFL. As one of the oldest teams playing they have never won a superbowl and they didn’t even make it to the playoffs in 3 of the last 5 decades. They are a true underdog team. This season they were able to come out with a 10-6 record and make it to the playoffs (first time since 1999). Unfortunately after a close first half tonight they were destroyed by the New Orleans Saints. My brother was crushed and he said he wasn’t going to be a Lion’s fan anymore.

My brother is 12 and these things happen to you when you are young. But even when you are older it can be really hard to see you team lose. I’ve seen my Dad be a Giants fan through the really good and the really bad. From seasons without playoff participation, to a SuperBowl victory against an undefeated team. (Best Day Ever.)

Sure, its just a game. But it’s also emotional. Being a true fan of a team represents a little piece of who you are, a speckle of your true character. It means you promise never to give up, always have hope and always be excited to see a victory. It means that you can sit there and watch your team tear down every last shred of faith you had in them and immediately promise to be there rooting for them again next year. If you can promise to do that for a team then hopefully that means you promise the same for your friends, your family, and for yourself.

I hope my brother is able to stay a Lions fan (by now I am one too!) and he doesn’t give up on his team.  We all hit some rough patches and failures, but you always have to promise yourself that it’s part of life and you still are going to be there at the end of the day.


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