Retail and Savings

Although I don’t want this blog turning into an online diary, I thought a life update might be in order for today. You may have noticed this by now, but my plans I’ve created for myself and my future can sometimes change on a day to day basis. However, I have had a consistent plan for about 2.5 weeks now, perhaps the longest plan streak I’ve had since I graduated this May.

I am now the newest “Sales Partner” and the Brighton Collectibles Outlet at Woodbury Common. I work about 20+ hours per week and I got some free jewelery to wear! Honestly, it is nice to be out of the house meeting new people and making some money for savings. I am the youngest employee, so unlike most retail jobs, my coworkers are actually very friendly, mature and responsible women and the environment is rather enjoyable.

After Thanksgiving I am going to call my local school district about substitute teaching after the Holidays. Although it will be slightly embarrassing, I feel like being a sub is a right of passage for all unemployed teachers these days.

I am applying to the Teachers College and CUNY Hunter for graduate school. I want to focus on something education related, but I would get an MA instead of an MEd, and I wouldn’t go back to school for teaching. These days I feel like it might be good to step away from teaching. I can always come back to it later in life if I am interested, and right now the economy is just too rough and teaching jobs are almost non-existent. While I’m in the city I can work on bolstering up some connections and there will be so many opportunities for me to become involved in things I’m interested in now that I can’t do while living in upstate (I hate to call it that, it’s rather downstate) New York. I’ve got my recommendations prepared and my personal statements should be finished by next week. Then I’ll let you know in March sometime how that all turned out.

And finally my last goal: The reason I am planning on working retail and substitute teaching this year is not only because I may be paying for graduate school/ NYC rent next year (ouch!) but I also need a new laptop and I really want Adobe Creative Suite. I know the basics of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, but I really want to start using these programs comfortably on a daily basis.

So my future consists of two jobs, a new laptop, and maybe grad school! Although I typically just find it stressful to have no idea what the future holds, it is also kind of exhilarating at the same time.


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